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Welcome to the Outpost: Origins Ultimate Collection!

Did you miss our Outpost: Origins Kickstarter? Want to get all the Outpost: Origins Kickstarter files in one massive bundle?

Well you're in luck!

We present to you the full Outpost: Origins Ultimate Kickstarter Collection. This huge bundle contains every single file from the Outpost: Origins Kickstarter - the exact same as our Kickstarter backers got at a huge discount from buying everything individually!!

We've still got a couple of pieces to complete as you can see marked in red in the file list breakdown bellow. 

Buy buying now all current files marked in green will instantly be added to your account and you will gain access to all the red marked files listed bellow as they become available. We'll be working through each file to ensure every single one meets our design and print standards.

We're finishing up this amazing collection of files for you to 3D print and build a 28mm Sci-Fi Outpost for use with your tabletop games. Each piece of the Outpost is engineered to be totally modular to allow you to build "line of sight" blocking terrain or multi-level space stations for dungeon crawlers and role playing games making use of the built-in 1 inch grid.

All of our files are made for easy printing. No supports needed. Just load the files into your slicing software, slice and print!

We can't wait to have you along for the final stretch of the Outpost: Origins colonisation.

Don't forget you can follow us on Facebook or come chat in Discord to stay up to date, ask any questions or see everyone's excellent build projects.

Already bought some of the collection and want the lot?

Just drop us an email stating your account email address and order number/s and we'll sort you out with a discount of the equivalent already spent up to the value of the collection!

Outpost: Origins - Hub Alpha

Value $14

Base A - Hub
Base A - Hub Coupling
Base A - Grate
Door Bulkhead
Door Coupling
Door Ramp
Leg A Extended Armoured
Leg A Extended
Leg A Retracted Armoured
Leg A Retracted
Plug Base A
Plug Roof
Roof A
Walkway A 2x4

Outpost: Origins - Corridors Military

Value $24

C-Kit 2x1 Straight
C-Kit 2x2 Corner
C-Kit 2x2 Corner Reverse
C-Kit 2x2 Entrance
C-Kit 2x2 Straight
C-Kit 2x3 Straight
C-Kit 2x4 Straight
C-Kit 2x5 Straight
C-Kit Floor 1x1 A
C-Kit Floor 1x1 E
C-Kit Floor 2x1 A
C-Kit Floor 2x1 E
C-KIt Floor 2x2 A
C-Kit Floor 2x2 C
C-Kit Floor 2x2 E
C-Kit Floor 2x2 F
C-Kit Floor 4x4 A
C-Kit Floor 4x4 C
C-Kit Floor 4x4 E
C-Kit Floor 4x4 F
C-Kit Floor 6x6 A
C-Kit Floor 6x6 C
C-Kit Floor 6x6 E
C-Kit Floor 6x6 F
Corridor 2x1 Military
Corridor 2x2 Military
Corridor 2x3 Military
Corridor 2x3 Open
Corridor 2x4 Military
Corridor 2x4 Open
Corridor 2x5 Military
Corridor 2x5 Open
Corridor Airlock Hub
Corridor Angle 9° Left
Corridor Angle 9° Right
Corridor Damaged Sections
Corridor Dead End 2x1 Military
Corridor Doorway 2x1 Military
Corridor Entrance Hatch
Corridor Hatch & Ladder
Corridor Internal Stairs Military
Corridor JL 3x3 Military
Corridor JO 6x6 Military
Corridor JT 4x3 Military
Corridor JX 4x4 Military
Corridor JY 4x4 Military
Corridor Riser
Corridor Roof Greebles A
Corridor Roof Greebles B
Corridor Roof Greebles C
Corridor Roof Greebles D
Corridor Roof Greebles E
Corridor Stairs

Outpost: Origins - Corridors Civilian

Value $24

C-Kit 2x1 Straight Civilian
C-Kit 2x2 Corner Civilian
C-Kit 2x2 Corner Reverse Civilian
C-Kit 2x2 Entrance Civilian
C-Kit 2x2 Straight Civilian
C-Kit 2x3 Straight Civilian
C-Kit 2x4 Straight Civilian
C-Kit 2x5 Straight Civilian
C-Kit Floor 1x1 G
C-Kit Floor 2x1 G
C-KIt Floor 2x2 G
C-Kit Floor 4x4 G
C-Kit Floor 6x6 G
Corridor 2x1 Civilian
Corridor 2x2 Civilian
Corridor 2x3 Civilian
Corridor 2x4 Civilian
Corridor 2x5 Civilian
Corridor Stairs
Internal Stairs Civ
Riser Civ
Turbo Lift

Outpost: Origins - Walkways

Value $14

C-KIt Floor 2x2 B
C-KIt Floor 4x4 B
C-KIt Floor 6x6 B
C-Kit Floor 2x2 D
C-Kit Floor 4x4 D
C-Kit Floor 6x6 D
C-Kit Railing Corner Reverse
C-Kit Railing Straight 1x2
C-Kit Railing Straight 1x3
C-Kit Railing Straight 1x4
C-Kit Railing Straight 1x1
Walkway A 2x1
Walkway A 2x1 End
Walkway A 2x2
Walkway A 2x3
Walkway A 2x4
Walkway A 2x5
Walkway Armour Large
Walkway Armour Small
Walkway Junction L 3x3
Walkway Junction O 6x6
Walkway Junction T 4x3
Walkway Junction X 4x4
Walkway Junction Y 4x4
Walkway Ladder 1 Floor
Walkway Ladder 2 Floor
Walkway Ladder 2 Floor Long
Walkway Ladder 3 Floor
Walkway Ladder Footing
Walkway Riser Extender
Walkway Riser Heavy Extender
Walkway Riser
Walkway Stairs 1x4
Walkway Stairs 2x4
Walkway Stairs Railing L 1x4
Walkway Stairs Railing R 1x4

Outpost: Origins - Comms Tower

Value $3

Comms Tower

Outpost: Origins - Mineral Extractor

Value $3

Mineral Extractor

Outpost: Origins - Oxygen Pump

Value $3

Oxygen Pump

Outpost: Origins - Refinery

Value $3


Outpost: Origins - Generator

Value $3


Outpost: Origins - Generator Destroyed

Value $3

Generator Destroyed

Outpost: Origins - Solar Array

Value $3

Solar Array

Outpost: Origins - Defence Gate & Walls

Value $24

Defence Gate Cantilever L
Defence Gate Cantilever R
Defence Gate Column L
Defence Gate Column R
Defence Gate Door 1x L
Defence Gate Door 1x R
Defence Gate Door 2x
Defence Ramp 2x1
Defence Ramp 2x2
Defence Wall A
Defence Wall B
Defence Wall Column
Defence Wall Hinge L
Defence Wall Hinge R
Defence Wall Short A
Defence Wall Short B
Defence Wall Short Hinge L
Defence Wall Short Hinge R

Outpost: Origins - Defence Turrets & Bunker

Value $24

Bunker Base
Bunker Middle
Bunker Roof
Bunker Wall Hinge
Bunker Wall Straight
Gun Option A
Gun Option B
Gun Option C
Gun Turret Towers

Outpost: Origins - Scatter Containers

Value $9

Flight Cases
Flight Cases Group
Barrels Group
Barrels Storage
Large Container

Outpost: Origins - Scatter Defence

Value $9

Sentry Gun
Tank Traps

Outpost: Origins - Barracks Items

Value $6

Bunk Bed
Cubicle Door Plain
Cubicle Door Shower
Cubicle Door Toilet
Cubicle Empty
Cubicle Shower
Cubicle Toilet
Locker Group
Locker Single
Seats 1A
Seats 2A
Seats 3A
Seats 3B
Seats Corner A
Seats Corner B
Table Large
Table Round
Table Side

Outpost: Origins - Canteen Items

Value $6

Arcade Machine 1P
Arcade Machine 2P
Planter Large A
Planter Large B
Planter Small A
Planter Small B
Planter Small C
Planter Small D
Planter X A
Planter X B
Table Canteen Large
Table Canteen Large Legs
Table Canteen Large Top
Table Canteen Small
Table Canteen Small Legs
Table Canteen Small Top
Trash Can
Vending Machine
Water Cooler
Table Side

Outpost: Origins - Lab Items

Value $6

Lab Service Droid
Lab Specimen Bottom
Lab Specimen Top
Lab Specimen Top Grub
Med Scanner

Outpost: Origins - HQ Items

Value $6

Computer Terminal A
Computer Terminal B
HQ Chairs
Map Table

Outpost: Origins - Missile Silo

Value $9

Missile Silo

Outpost: Origins - Vehicle Repair Station

Value $9

Vehicle Repair Station

Outpost: Origins - Vehicle Kit

Value $24

Multiple Body Frames
Multiple Boosters
Multiple Side and Top Panels
Cargo Dropship Parts
Troop Dropship Parts
Unloader Parts
Wheel Variations
Wing Variations
Landing Gear

Outpost: Origins - Landing Pad

Value $9

Landing Pad

Outpost: Origins - Control Tower

Value $9

Control Tower



Outpost: Origins - Ultimate Kickstarter Collection
Outpost: Origins - Ultimate Kickstarter Collection
Outpost: Origins - Ultimate Kickstarter Collection
Outpost: Origins - Ultimate Kickstarter Collection
Outpost: Origins - Ultimate Kickstarter Collection
Outpost: Origins - Ultimate Kickstarter Collection
Outpost: Origins - Ultimate Kickstarter Collection
Outpost: Origins - Ultimate Kickstarter Collection
Outpost: Origins - Ultimate Kickstarter Collection
Outpost: Origins - Ultimate Kickstarter Collection
Outpost: Origins - Ultimate Kickstarter Collection
Outpost: Origins - Ultimate Kickstarter Collection
Outpost: Origins - Ultimate Kickstarter Collection
Outpost: Origins - Ultimate Kickstarter Collection

Outpost: Origins - Ultimate Kickstarter Collection

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