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Sci-Fi Scatter - Containers

Sci-Fi Scatter - Containers

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Scale - 28mm, can be rescaled
File Type - STLs for 3D printing
Supports - None needed
Files Size Unzipped - 158mb
Print Volume - w165mm x h51mm x d80mm
Delivery - ZIP file instant download access

Ornate Letter A

mmunition, supplies and some strange glowing liquid are just some of the things the lowly barrel can be found containing. They are seen scattered around bases throughout the galaxy. Being heavily armoured they make an excellent storage solution for some of the most volatile substances ever discovered.

This product is also part of the Outpost: Origins Ultimate Collection

Sci-Fi Crates and Shipping Containers
This set is comprised of a barrels, flight cases, crates and containers. There is a total of 80 individual STL files all designed to be easy to print without supports.
Barrels Containers Crate Flight Case

The barrels
contain single open and single closed variants with a pre-made grouping and a fully stocked barrel rack. There's also a separate rack allowing you to stack your barrels individually.
The crates come as a single solid piece or a version with a removable lid revealing the separate fuel cells.
The set of flight cases come as open and closed versions with separate inserts. There's also a large grouped set of cases to use as cover.

The shipping containers are made up of a modular set of frame and panel parts to allow you to mix and match the panel designs and to allow for openings. There's a packed away version of the Outpost:Origins Mineral Extractor and a Mini Generator for the insides of the crates as well as a hinged door.

Also included is a range of pre-built containers designed to be a quicker print solution for filling tables. The containers also include a locking mechanism to keep stacks of containers in place to reduce the risk of them toppling onto your troops.

Panels with Roman numerals are included to build a turn counter.

All of the items in the Sci-Fi Scatter - Containers set make for excellent cover due to their heavily armoured casing.
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