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Trihex Citadel - Relentless Blight

Trihex Citadel - Relentless Blight

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Scale - 28mm, can be rescaled
File Type - STLs for 3D printing
Supports - None needed
File Size Unzipped - 208mb
Print Volume mm - w210 x h88 x d202
Delivery - ZIP file instant download access

  Relentless Blight

Ornate Letter A

he vents were releasing the blight throughout the Trihex Citadel feeding the Maw of Contagion. Quickly shutting the vents is the only way to stem the blights expansion!

The Relentless Blight set contains 3D printable files to expand your Trihex Citadel. There's both a Tile and Token version of the Maw of Contagion to add to the Tile and Token sets found in the Core Collection, as well as vent markers with removable doors.

All pieces can be FDM printed support free and will fit on a 210x210mm print bed.

RB Tile Maw of Contagion
RB Tile Vent Door
RB Tile Vent

RB Token Maw of Contagion
RB Token Vent Door
RB Token Vent

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