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Terraforma Epicminium Tokens

Terraforma Epicminium Tokens

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 If you like these tokens then you'll love the
Terraforma Epicminium tile set!
 Terraforma Epicminium

Don't fancy flimsy paper tokens? Want your hidden orders to represent your legion?
Then the Terraforma Epicminium Tokens are just what you need!

There's 5 x 25mm Order Tokens to represent Advance, Charge, Fall Back, First Fire and March as well as 6 x 32mm Objective Marker tokens labeled A-F. All of the main tokens are suppled as an easy print single piece with a blank underside.

Also included are 22 Legion Icon Faces that can be used to replace the blank side of the order tokens using a custom 3MF tool - Compatible with various Slic3r based software. Prusa Slicer, Bambu Studio, Orca etc.

There are also parts allowing you to mix and match faces. Simply print a token ring and 2 faces then push together. This allows you to print the rings in different colours and do a filament swap on the last 2 layers of a face (at 0.2mm layer height) to get pre-coloured icons. Or you can just print in a single filament and use a permanent marker to color the icon.

Designed for FDM printing every piece is easy to print with no extra supports needed.
Just slice and print with no fuss!


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