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Sector Fatalis

Sector Fatalis

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Scale - 28mm, can be rescaled
File Type - STLs or 3MF for 3D printing
Supports - None needed
Delivery - ZIP file instant download access

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Sector Fatalia
The Sector Fatalis set of modular 3D printable wargaming terrain contains 24 files to build huge multi leveled arenas. With just a few pieces you have the ability to create near limitless combinations. Perfect for games of Zone Mortalis, Kill Team, Necromunda, Space Hulk, Warhammer 40k and Infinity.

Each piece is based on a 2 inch square grid is quick and easy to set up and stacks and packs away nicely. 

Every piece is easy to print with no supports needed.
Just slice and print with no fuss!

3 main wall pieces make up the core of the set with a junction column, single half wall and a double wall. There's a ruined variant of the single and double walls that print with holes for placing spare pieces of 1.75mm filament in for the steel reinforcements. The Junctions have a half height piece for providing lower cover. There's also a complete set of damaged walls.

Sector Fatalis Walls

Sector Fatalis Damaged Walls

There's 3 types of working doors. There is a wide double sliding blast door where each door slides back into the Junction Columns at the side. A double hinged blast door that allows for placing 4 of them in a square configuration and a small single square wide hinged door.

Sector Fatalis Doors

Multiple flooring and walkway pieces allow for building your floors and adding gantries between blocks. There's a reversible walkway floor that can be rotated to be used as cover. Stairs and ladders provide access to elevated areas.

A modular pipe system allows you to run a pipe system up and along the columns and walls.

Sector Fatalis Pipes

The modular stair system allows you to build towing staircases or small bridges over the pipes.

Sector Fatalis Modular Stairs

Includes a slim tile set for creating large floor areas!

A set of tiles make for a faster print time and use a lot less filament than the standard tiles. They're a great way to add a lot of floor cover below the Sector Fatalis walls and columns.

Slim Tile List



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