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Adventure Pack 001 - The Goblin's Golden Deceit

Adventure Pack 001 - The Goblin's Golden Deceit

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Scale - 28mm, 1.5 inch grid
File Type - STL for 3D printing
Supports - None needed
Delivery - ZIP file instant download access

Adventure Pack 001 - The Goblin's Golden Deceit

This product was available as part of The Dragon's Rest Quest Patreon

A complete 3D printable adventure using the Dragon Drops™ tile system.

In the area of Wyrmscale Brae, while staying at the Dragon’s Rest Inn, your group is hired to investigate claims from the local community of guardsmen overcharging for the use of a vital toll bridge. Unbeknownst to the group, the toll bridge has been attacked and a hostile party has set up a clever scheme to embezzle gold from unsuspecting travelers. The adventurers must investigate the site, overcome or drive out the hostiles, and recover the stolen gold!

Your download will contain all the STL files needed to print
Adventure Pack 001 - The Goblin's Golden Deceit.

Features include:
Working set of mechanical gates
Stone bridge with a wooden floor
Toll bridge sign board
Guard house with a gate lever
Small pier
Secret riverside cave entrance
Scatter Barrels and Crates


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