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Ornate Letter A

bundant with water now, but It was said that long ago the river below this well ran dry. Local folklore has it that curious adventurers used it as an entrance to explore caverns far below the town. Only a handful of them ever returned to tell their drunken tales in the local tavern of caves full of riches just out of reach - all who did though were too terrified to ever go back...

The bucket and well cover are separate, as is the roof and pulley. A tethering post is supplied for you to suspend the bucket dangling into the well. There's also a tether on the side for you to loop some extra rope in the case an unfortunate error of judgement sees you dropping your bucket and rope into the cold, damp depths below.
The Dragon's Rest Tools

The Dragon's Rest Tools

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Scale - N/A
File Type - STL for 3D printing
Supports - None needed
Files Size Unzipped - 98mb
Polygon Count - 1,972,857
Overall Size - w58mm x h64mm x d57mm
Print Size - w52mm x h50mm x d51mm
Delivery - ZIP file instant download access

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