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Trihex Citadel - Core Collection

Trihex Citadel - Core Collection

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Scale - 28mm, can be rescaled
File Type - STLs for 3D printing
Supports - None needed
File Size Unzipped - 1.8gb
Print Volume - w210mm x h97mm x d202mm
Delivery - ZIP file instant download access

Tile Set Token Edition
PDF File List PDF File List

Ornate Letter A

hey returned to The Dragon's Rest in a confused state, Recounting the events within an ever changing labyrinth of chambers. All agreed that preparations must begin to venture back and try to understand and catalog this newly discovered realm, the Trihex Citadel.

This collection contains 2 parts. A large format complete 80mm tile system and a smaller set of cover tokens to fit on existing 62mm hex game boards. All of the files have been designed to be printed without supports to allow you to be up and printing with minimal effort. We've added a ton of new files to this huge collection! Click Here download a PDF file list to see everything that's now included in this set.

The tile is the core set of interlocking single hexagon tiles and integrated cover terrain. Each hex tile measures 80mm corner to corner. This allows for placement of 1 x 25mm and  2 x 32mm based adventurers in a single tile all at the same time even taking into account the space taken up by the cover.
This set contains 83 individually sculpted files to 3D print and create amazing looking dungeons for hex based games. Each component is compatible with the included Dragon's Rest Magnetic Clip system allowing you to clip together and pre-build rooms or to add 5mm ball magnets to attach the tiles together as you play.

Click Here for a full pictorial list of all the tiles included in the set.

Access Control Panel Tile
Miniature Base 25mm
Miniature Base 32mm
Miniature Base 40mm
Block Tile 001
Block Tile 002
Block Tile 003
Block Tile 004
Chute Tile
Citadel Scanner Turn Token
Corridor Tile L
Corridor Tile Straight
Corridor Tile X
Corridor Tile Y
Cover Tile Group 1A
Cover Rile Group 2A
Cover Tile Group 2B
Cover Tile Group 3A
Cover Tile Group 4A
Cover Tile Group 4B
Cover Tile Group 5A
Cover Tile Group 6A
Cover Tile Group 7A
Cover Tile Group 8A1
Cover Tile Group 8A2
Cover Tile Group 8A3
Cover Tile Group 8B
Cover Tile Group 9A1
Cover Tile Group 9A2
Cover Tile Single
Cover Tile Double
Doorway Tile Frame
Doorway Tile Door
THex Wall A Full
THex Wall A Half
THex Wall B Full
THex Wall B Half

Open Tile 001
Open Tile 002
Open Tile 003
Open Tile 004
Open Tile 005
Open Tile 006
Open Tile 007
Open Tile 008
Open Tile 009
Open Tile 010
Open Tile 011
Open Tile 012
Open Tile 013
Open Tile 014
Open Tile 015
Open Tile 1A
Open Tile 2A
Open Tile 2B
Open Tile 3A
Open Tile 4A
Open Tile 4B
Open Tile 5A
Open Tile 6A
Open Tile 7A
Open Tile 8A1
Open Tile 8A2
Open Tile 8A3
Open Tile 8B
Open Tile 9A1
Open Tile 9A2
Pit Tile
Portal Open
Portal Closed
Ramp Tile Group
Stairs Down Tile
Stairs Up Tile
Stasis Cube Tile
Turret Tile

The Trihex Citadel Token Edition contains a set of 68 files of tiles, scatter terrain, token and markers all scaled to print at 100% and use directly on or as additions to your 62mm hexagon cardboard game tiles. Each of the pieces included in this set are individual unique sculpts.

The enclosed cover sections are specially designed to fit 1x32mm and 2x25mm based characters in at the same time.

The token pieces can be printed at 130% if you'd like to use them as extra cover on the Open Tile files in the Tile Set.

Click Here for a full pictorial list of all the tokens included in the set.

Access Control Panel
Block 001
Block 002
Block 003
Block 004
Corridor 2A
Corridor 2B
Corridor 3A
Corridor 3B
Corridor 3C
Corridor L
Corridor Straight
Corridor X
Corridor Y
Cover Group 1A
Cover Group 2A
Cover Group 2B
Cover Group 3A
Cover Group 4A
Cover Group 4B
Cover Group 5A
Cover Group 6A
Cover Group 7A
Cover Group 8A1
Cover Group 8A2
Cover Group 8A3
Cover Group 8B
Cover Group 9A1
Cover Group 9A2
Stairs Up
Stairs Down

Doorway Tile Frame
Doorway Tile Door
Marker Access
Marker Cloak
Marker Empower
Marker Force
Marker Haywite
Marker Inferno
Marker Plasma
Marker Stasis
Marker Trap
Portal Open
Portal Closed
Stasis Cube
Open Tile 1A
Open Tile 1B
Open Tile 2A
Open Tile 2B
Open Tile 3A
Open Tile 3B
Open Tile 4A
Open Tile 4B
Open Tile 5A
Open Tile 5B
Open Tile 6A
Open Tile 6B
Open Tile 7A
Open Tile 7B
Open Tile 8A
Open Tile 8B
Open Tile 9A
Open Tile 9B

Adventure awaits in the ever-changing Trihex Citadel!


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