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Terraforma Epicminium

Terraforma Epicminium

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Scale - 8mm, can be rescaled
File Type - 3MF for 3D printing
Supports - None needed or Included
Delivery - ZIP file instant download access


Terraforma Epicminium Layout

The Terraforma Epicminium Tile Set are expertly crafted terrain tiles to terraform your 8mm wargaming tables into an epic environment!

Each of the 6 inch tiles fit perfectly together and are held in place with the supplied DRMCv2 Mini Clip or built in magnet holes - no more tiles sliding all over the place!

Split into combinations that allow you to build interesting layouts of any size. The 6 inch size is small enough to fit on the most common FDM printers.

You can create T-junctions, crossroads and even a water run-off channel with built in bridge. 

Product Render Roads In

Combine 4 of the 6 inch tiles to create the standard 12 x12 inch tile layouts.

Product Render Roads Out

or create larger tiles with the roads facing out to allow you to offset the building foundations to reduce fire-lanes.

Product Render Varied Layouts

A huge benefit of 6 inch tiles over the standard 12 inch is the ability to build varied layouts for your building foundations creating a much more interesting and less predictable battlefield.

Product Render Roads 45

The included pre-cut 45° angle triangles allow you to build a rotated diagonal layout.

Each tile has been specially crafted to have the details printed easily with a 4mm nozzle at a 0.2mm layer height whilst hiding any layer lines. Areas are kept flat to minimise wobbly model syndrome. There's plenty of detail sculpted in the tiles to make them easy to paint too.

Terraforma Epicminium Details

The Terraforma Epicminium Tile Set will provide the perfect backdrop for your most epic of battles!

Free Sample Tile

Want to test out the quality of the tiles before committing to the full set? Download a FREE SAMPLE TILE HERE so you can test the print times and quality on your own printer! 

Designed for FDM printing every piece is easy to print with no extra supports needed.
Just slice and print with no fuss!



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