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Boarding Ships

Boarding Ships

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Scale - 28mm, can be rescaled
File Type - STLs for 3D printing
Supports - Minimal and supplied pre-supported
Files Size Unzipped - 531mb
Print Volume - w139mm x h152mm x d70mm
Delivery - ZIP file instant download access

This pair of sci-fi boarding ships are designed to blast into the hulls of derelict space craft, latch on with the articulated claws and pull then lock themselves into position.

There's 2 hull variations allowing for a narrow 1x5 and a wide 2x4 configuration.

The floor panels in each ship are scaled to fit 25mm based miniatures. If you'd prefer them to fit 32mm bases you can scale to 126% or larger in your slicer to print a bigger ship.

Each ship is divided into sections to allow printing on small bed FDM printers.

Parts are included allowing for LED tealights to be placed in the engines.

Most of the parts are designed to print without supports. Files that require minimal supports have a pre-supported version included.

The claws can be replaced with the supplied optional gun, cap, window and salvage arm pieces.

Click Here for a full pictorial list of all the files included in this product.


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