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Trihex Citadel - The Summoning

Trihex Citadel - The Summoning

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Scale - 28mm, can be rescaled
File Type - STLs for 3D printing
Supports - None needed
File Size Unzipped - 1.18GB
Largest Print Volume - w210mm x h155mm x d201mm
Delivery - ZIP file instant download access
Blackstone Fortress Escalation Group Shot

Ornate Letter A

he Rituals have begun. Soon the demons will be summoned forth into the Trihex Citadel!

This product contains 62 new 3D printable files to expand your Trihex Citadel sets and beyond. There's versions of the main tiles to add to both the Tile and Token sets found in the Core Collection as well as a range of extra markers and stand alone terrain pieces that can be used outside of your dungeon crawls as awesome terrain and objectives in your tabletop games.

The Vat tile pieces all have an allowance to fit an LED tealight inside to create a toxic glowing effect when you print the bubbles in a transparent PLA!

The Chamber piece has room to fit a 28mm miniature inside so it can act as a containment unit. You can glue some transparent plastic to the insides to complete the effect.

All the files print support free. Just slice and print!

Click Here for a full pictorial list of all the tiles included in the set

TS Chamber Lid
TS Chamber
TS Crate A
TS Crate B
TS Crate C
TS Crate D
TS Crate E Lid
TS Crate E
TS Crate Pile
TS Marker Firestorm
TS Marker Hologram Base
TS Marker Hologram
TS Marker Illusion
TS Marker Psychic Crystals
TS Marker Shield
TS Marker Target
TS Marker Tectonic
TS Marker Void
TS Terrain Blood Ritual Rock
TS Terrain Blood Ritual
TS Terrain Lightning Tower Balls
TS Terrain Lightning Tower Platform
TS Terrain Lightning
TS Terrain Vat
TS Tile Block 001
TS Tile Block 002
TS Tile Blood Ritual
TS Tile Cover 001
TS Tile Cover 002
TS Tile Lightning Tile A
TS Tile Lightning Tile B

TS Tile Lightning Tower Prism
TS Tile Open 001
TS Tile Ritual of Change Grate
TS Tile Ritual of Change
TS Tile Throne
TS Tile Vat
TS Tile Vat Valve A
TS Tile Vat Valve B
TS Tile Vortex
TS Token Block 001
TS Token Block 002
TS Token Blood Ritual
TS Token Cover 001
TS Token Cover 002
TS Token Cover 003
TS Token Lightning Prism
TS Token Open Blood Ritual A
TS Token Open Blood Ritual B
TS Token Open Cover 002 A
TS Token Open Cover 003 A
TS Token Open Lightning A
TS Token Open Ritual of Change A
TS Token Open Ritual of Change B
TS Token Open Ritual of Change C
TS Token Open Vat A
TS Token Throne Star
TS Token Throne
TS Token Vat
TS Token Vortex
TS Vat Bubbles

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