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— DRMC - Clip System —

Our Dragon's Rest Magnetic Clip system is compatible with other popular connections by the use of an adapter clip. Our system uses 2 types of clips. A double ended standard clip and a single ended magnetic clip.

We decided to use our own clips to allow a 5mm magnetic ball to fit inside and be easily replaced with a normal one if desired. 5mm magnetic balls mean there's no need to worry about polarity as the balls spin freely inside the clips. Magnets are useful when using the terrain for RPGs as you can swap pieces in and out and have everything held nicely in place. You can also just use our standard clips if magnets aren't your thing. We wanted to give you both options in the one clip system. There's future plans for traditional dungeon tiles that we wanted this to work perfectly with too.


Corridor Section & Clips Corridor Section & Clips

With a single corridor section there's 4 clip holes in each end of both the top and base sections. 2 of the double clips are more than strong enough to hold the sections together.


Clips in place Clips in place

The clips easily and securely snap into place allowing you to connect the corridors together.


Connecting the corridor sections Connecting the corridor sections

Once your corridors are connected the roof sections remain removable from the base.


Inserting the 5mm magnets Inserting the 5mm magnets

5mm magnets can be used to hold the corridors in place if you want the flexibility of laying out some spaceship corridors as you go. You may need up to 4 magnets per connection depending on the weight of the piece. Your magnets are reusable or can be swapped for normal clips by using the "Pop Tool".


Pop tool & clip crate Pop tool & clip crate

The access holes were designed to allow you to easily pop out the double and half clips with the printable "pop tool". They were made to fit in aesthetically with the Outpost too, so they can be left open without the need to cap anything off. Once finished, all your clips can be stored in a Clip Crate built from a 2x1 corridor section and 2 corridor dead ends.

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