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— Welcome Traveller! —

Ornate Letter Y
our quest began what feels like an eternity ago. On this last part of your perilous journey, with exhaustion setting in, you manage to claw your way out of the seemingly impenetrable mists that have engulfed you. From the ground before you a mountainous path rises and at last, atop, you see the place you have been searching for... The Dragon's Rest.

After months of planning and design the door to Dragon’s Rest has finally been opened! The store is up and running and the products are in place (well the first couple of them anyway).

We will be providing you with quality crafted 3D files so you can cover your gaming tabletops in fantastic miniatures that you will have printed yourselves. If you haven't already hopefully you will download our sample file to test out for yourselves.

Sample File DownloadThere's a lot of work ahead and plans for some great files.

We're really excited about things to come and look forward to you all joining us on this journey as we chronicle all of the tales being gathered at The Dragon's Rest!